About that bed rest


In hindsight, being up for the first day was wonderful but a bit difficult. I did okay with my blood pressure, but I know my body was completely out of whack and did not know what was going on. So fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day that day, but I did feel like I was on a mini ocean liner in the middle of the ocean rocking back and forth. If any of you truly know me, you do not want to go deep sea fishing with me!

Here is my theory on why I think I struggled a bit on that first day. It is very typical for someone with a cervical spinal cord injury to have low blood pressure. (That might be the case for thoracic and lumbar injuries, too; I just don’t know). A good blood pressure for me is 90/50. Typically, it is a bit lower and has been that way since I was injured. If you think 115/80 is ideal blood pressure, then you can see that this population runs well below normal. Let me add one thing – my blood pressure is 90/50 when I am sitting in my wheelchair. When I lay down, it is more like 115/80 because my legs are more in line with my heart, and it’s easier for blood to flow through the body. Well, being on bed rest for the entire week and not being allowed to sit up more than 45° to eat, my blood pressure for that week (24/7) was more like the general population. And the last time that was the case for me was before my injury at the age of 17.

Every day my body readjusted, my equilibrium normalized, and I did not want to be back in bed anymore!

A side note – life continues to happen.

Unfortunately, I learned of the passing of my mother’s only brother, Uncle Charlie. He had been struggling for many years with Parkinson’s and other ailments. I loved him dearly and am so fortunate to have had him in my life. He was the kindest, brightest, most caring man with the greatest laugh. In his later years, as chief legal officer for a medical tech investment fund, I used to love speaking to him about their various projects and investments. More importantly, I loved talking to him about family especially after my grandfather, his father, was ill. I always felt that Uncle Charlie was my partner when it came to family matters, and I always knew he was someone who would lend a compassionate, humorous and focused ear.

Uncle Charlie, we love you, and you will continue to live in our hearts! Thank you for your kindness and influence upon all of our lives. Miss you.

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