One week post surgery


Thank you all for the support and encouragement during this past week. To me, it seems to be so counterintuitive to be told to stay in bed 100% of the time after a major surgery. I know many of you saw me struggling a little bit both emotionally and physically but we got through it. You all got me there!

The reason it is part of their protocol is that the placement of the electrode is incredibly sensitive, and even though it is clamped into the dura of the spinal cord, they want us to do our best to allow scar tissue to form around it and protect the guidewires which go from the piece of plastic to the implanted battery/computer.

So, I am now allowed back up in my wheelchair for the next week. They asked that I try to stay up no more than 50% of my norm (which I like to think is 30 hours in a day) and to keep a low profile. Just hang out at the nest, get some fresh air, eat food in an upright position, and poop the way I always do! Nothing like a good BM!

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