The Beginning of the Last Phase

February 12, 2022 I know, it has been a long time since my last entry. A brief update from Louisville. I completed the main “Big Idea” study this past November. Again, what that entailed was completing 160 sessions with each day representing 1 session. After setup, each session consisted of 8 hours of daily work. SixContinue reading “The Beginning of the Last Phase”

New Year, New Challenges – bring it on!

1/9/21 The lab reopened this past week, and I continued with testing my voluntary movement configuration as well as a couple more baseline assessments. After this next week, they should be set to begin my routine of eight hours of stimulation a day, which will also entail two hours of standing at the lab. Some highlightsContinue reading “New Year, New Challenges – bring it on!”

Cardiovascular experiments

12/15/2020 Just thought I would log a quick update on how things are progressing. After taking Monday and Tuesday of last week off, I tried to finish up the voluntary movement studies with their final experiment but, unfortunately, I still had some blood pressure challenges. They concluded that it would be best for me toContinue reading “Cardiovascular experiments”