This is my journey

In October 2020, a spinal cord stimulator was surgically implanted at the base of my spine. Over the course of the next year, my team at the University of Louisville will teach my nervous system how to communicate with it in the hope that I gain function in my body that I lost thirty-eight years ago.

Latest from the Blog

The Beginning of the Last Phase

February 12, 2022 I know, it has been a long time since my last entry. A brief update from Louisville. I completed the main “Big Idea” study this past November. Again, what that entailed was completing 160 sessions with each day representing 1 session. After setup, each session consisted of 8 hours of daily work. Six…

The One-Year Update

October 30, 2021 October 27, 2020 was the day they implanted me with the Medtronics epidural stimulator, and October 29, 2021 was my last session of two-hour stands in the research lab. 160 sessions or 320 hours of standing (though they made me do four more sessions so technically 328 hours) are now in the…

It’s been a year!

September 22, 2021 I apologize for not being too communicative. It continues to be a grind and, frankly, I just run out of steam after a long day. I am well into my second group of 80 sessions and currently have about 30 more to go to complete the study. We have made great progress…

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