Two days off my game


After an overwhelming week, I went into the weekend more exhausted than anything. Right now it takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours to recover after a strenuous lab session. Unfortunately, for most the weekend I didn’t have a lot of energy and actually had a bit of a headache. The headaches were not debilitating but they were bad enough to take me out of my game and concerning enough that I wanted to bring it to their attention on Monday. After consulting with the neurosurgeon, he was not concerned and thought it would just be a good idea to take Monday and Tuesday off and start back up on Wednesday as long as the headaches had subsided.

For those who know me, I am not the world’s greatest patient. When things do not feel 100% right, I always think it is the beginning of the end! The neurosurgeon reassured me that he is acutely aware of the neurological condition of my neck, and he truly believes it was just due to a tremendous amount of overexertion and stresses on my body.

With all that said, we still were able to decorate a tree and get a bunch of work done. 

After two days of no headaches, I’m ready to get back in the lab!

7 thoughts on “Two days off my game

  1. Henry, I have a theory regarding the source of your headaches. All the electrical stimulation is causing your brain to grow larger. Are you finding the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle to be easier? Keep up the great work my friend.


    1. Rest- it’s actually super helpful! As a Stifel I know time-off is not in our genes. After every workout (and your workouts are extraordinary) our body and minds need to recover. Recovery is key to performance, Mr. (and Mrs.) High Performer. Big love- Eye on the Vision; Enjoy the rest, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Amy (and Jay)


  2. You are working unbelievably hard ! Your dedication is inspiring., is good! You deserve it! Tree looks great😘
    Xox Paula


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