More voluntary movement


A good day. Did not really jinx it from yesterday’s entry. Today was three hours over at the lab practicing independent voluntary leg movement and, in addition, core balancing in a seated position. It is quite spastic and difficult to tap into but, again, it is all about concentrating and trying to tap into the circuitry if your body permits. I am not able to do it every time, but I am able to do it sometimes. Again, a good start, and we are still in the “mapping phase.”

Here I am moving my toe voluntarily.

And now I am able to bend my knee and pull my knee toward my chest.

This video shows me sitting in an upright position. It’s all about me trying to sit independently, as straight as I can, and using those core muscles to balance. Without a stimulator, usually I can do this for a couple of minutes in a pretty slumped position. For the first time, I was able to do it for 10 minutes today. I am still a bit hunched, but I think I get my back relatively straight.

Unfortunately, when I was first operated on back in 1982, the fusion of my third, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae (neck) were fused with just bone that was taken from my hip. After it healed, it was discovered that it healed with the opposite curve that you want in your neck. In other words, kyphosis. What does that mean? It means my head naturally will always be a little bit more forward over my shoulders so it will always be difficult for me to get my shoulders and head back in alignment with my spine.  With all that said, I think I did okay.

Anyway, a tiring day but relatively successful.

15 thoughts on “More voluntary movement

  1. Amazing Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow- so proud of what you’re doing right now. Keep the vision strong- you’re super strong!


  2. Oh Henry, you are inspiration personified. I just learned of your journey this evening. I have always been humbled by your courage, grace and determination. Now I am beyond words. Love, prayers and hope. Amazing man. XO


  3. You are an amazing human being and I miss seeing you! Wishing you continued success on this journey and throughout life. I hope one day we can go to another DSO show and you can show me your dance moves. Much love!



  4. Great Job!!! Keep up the good work. We are all rooting for you. Spell check wanted to say tooting for you. Lol. 🤦🏼💪💪


  5. Absolutely amazing!!! Your persistent efforts, dedication, and drive are truly paying off and making a positive impact for all with spinal cord injuries!!!

    The world needs more people like you, Henry!!


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