This past week had both low and high moments. I wish I had a photo to share with you capturing the highlight of the week, which occurred on Monday. As you are now aware, I stand for two hours every day in the lab with the assistance of the techs. Well, a few times during Monday’s session, I had moments (40 seconds was the longest) when I was able to independently stand on my right leg without the tech pressing into my knee to keep my leg straight. The other tech could not come off my left knee but said it felt very light. In other words, she did not need to apply as much pressure to keep my left leg straight. On a cumulative basis, I achieved right leg independence for a little bit more than two minutes. It was very cool.

Unfortunately, when my right leg would tire, it would just immediately give out and bend forcing the tech to come in with full force to catch it and straighten back the knee and provide me necessary support. After having that happen several times, it created a pretty good looking bruise on the knee later that evening. Out of their desire to be very cautious despite no swelling or structural issues, they still thought it would be best for me to rest for the remainder of the week. It looks great today, and I’m excited to get back into the lab tomorrow and pick up where we left off.

Research is a learning experience for everyone. Everyone’s experiences and responses to the stimulation will be unique, and I am not an exception to that. Every day they learn more about me and make fine adjustments with the goal of optimizing my outcomes.

11 thoughts on “Standing

  1. We learn every day. It is how this is going to make a difference.
    It’s an incredible feeling to be part of the journey!
    Love, M


  2. You so rock it Henry and it’s truly incredible what you’ve already done with your new body. It’s not actually taking time in some ways- look what’s already happened and yet it will take time for your body to re-learn and adjust. xoxoxoxoxoxo


  3. This is incredible, Henry!! Makes my day to read your updates. Keep on standing (also serves to help you work up an appetite for Louisville BBQ). Love you so much xoxo Kaelyn


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